• 40+

    Hiker Ocean Good sales in nearly 40 countries around the world

  • 60+

    Hiker Ocean Established cooperative relationship with more than 60 large aquariums

  • 9000T

    Hiker Ocean's annual production reaches 9000 tons

  • 30%

    Hiker Ocean is growing at 30% per year

  • 3000

    Hiker Ocean provides approximately 30 million cubic meters of water per year


QINGDAO HAIKE GENERAL SEA SALT CO.,LTD is a sea salt company with specialized R&D team. We are committed to the development of sea water products, At present, Hiker Ocean salable in nearly 40 countrles around the world, and has cooperated with more than 70 large oceanarlum,Our average annual production of sea salt is more than 9000 tons, with an annual growth rate of 30%.



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